1. It Doesn’t Take Much To Make Me Happy


    Back in the fall, the shoulder strap on my THEIT Bossi bag snapped. It was a sad, sad day my friends. Do you know how hard it is to constantly carry a heavy camera bag around on your arm? The answer is: pretty hard. That thing gets ridiculously heavy with all my crap in it. 

    But the people over at THEIT were kind enough to send me a replacement strap. And when it arrived in the mail the other day, it literally made my week. Lame, I know, that just a bag strap could make me that happy. But I don’t think you understand just how heavy my bag is :)

    IMG_8254 IMG_8365 IMG_8249

    dress: Red Valentino; Buffalo Exchange

    cardigan and leggings: H&M

    bag: THEIT

    booties: Target

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