1. DIY Passport Cover

    I made my passport pretty, and here’s how……

    1. Cut out two  12x6.5” rectangles. One in your outer fabric, and one in lining fabric. 

    2. With right sides together, sew a 1/2” seam around entire edge, leaving a small opening so you can turn right side out. 

    3.  trim corners and seam allowance.  

    4. Turn right side out through opening. Press. 

    5. Using an invisible slip stitch, hand sew the opening closed.

    6. Fold front end inward aprox. 1 1/4” and pin. Fold back end in aprox. 2 3/4” in and pin.

    7. Stitch down (you can machine stitch if you want - just stay as close to the edge as possible. I chose to hand sew with slipstitch on the very edge, catching only the lining. It’s practically invisible).

    8. Slip in your passport, and voila! You can travel in style now :)

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