1. Lavender Brown


    I’ve recently become crazy obsessed with anything lavender/lilac/light purple in color. It’s funny - when I was younger, I wouldn’t have hesitated to tell you that my favorite color was purple. But I think I may have loved it too much as a kid, because I spent most of my college and adult life avoiding it. It’s like hot dogs. I ate a lot of hot dogs as a kid. A lot. Especially cut up hot dogs in mac and cheese- that was my jam. But I can’t go near the things now without gagging a little. 

    Ok, maybe that was a bad comparison. But you get the point. 

    P.S - Have you entered the Seams To Be giveaway yet? Hurry! It is ending soon!







    sweater: thrifted

    scarf: vintage

    necklace: gifted

    jeans: BCBGeneration

    boots: Old Navy

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