1. What’s In My Bag : Travel Edition


    I shared my love for this bag yesterday, and now I thought I would show you what is inside. This bag is nice and big and roomy. I can fit my computer, iPad, camera, multiple lenses, and everything in between.  And yes, it all fits. I swear. 




    -Epiphanie Brooklyn bag

    Camera Gear

    One of the main purposes of my trip is to (hopefully) take some photos of my newborn nephew. So I’m carrying more camera gear than I might usually. There is even more in my suitcase. 

    - Canon Rebel 4ti (my old xti is pictured because I used the 4ti to take this photo)

    - Canon 50mm 1.4 lens

    - Canon 40mm pancake lens

    - Canon 18-55mm zoom lens (not pictured - being used)

    - Neewer flash speedlite

    - Fujifilm Instax Mini

    Tech Gear

    - Macbook Pro (for photo editing, interenet, etc)

    - iPad2 and stylus (for sketching, gaming, reading, blog reading, etc)

    -iPhone (for instagram. and twitter. Obvs.)

    Everything Else

    - Warby Parker prescrition sunglasses. I just got these, and I’m pretty excited to be able to wear sunglasses and be able to still see.

    - Mini notebook and neon colored pencils. For fun. 

    -Wallet, keys, coffee coozie. The basics. 

    - Business cards. Because you never know. 

    - A few small snacks. I don’t deal with hunger well at all. So I always make sure I have something on me. 

    -Tissues. Travelling can be rough, yo. 

    -My dino pouch. I keep all small things in here so they aren’t just floating around. Like bandaids, hair ties, bobbie pins, Rosebud Salve, camera remote, etc. 

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