1. Happy Halloween


    Happy halloween, my friends.

    We were pretty original with our costumes this year. A lot of effort went into these, as you can see :). But really, after all the work that was put into last years costumes, we decided to keep it pretty low key this year. 

    And besides, I don’t think Henry really understands the idea behind Halloween. He wasn’t a fan of the mummy costume we tried putting him in, so he decided to go as a strikingly beautiful, well-behaved black cat instead. 


    on a side note - this halloween has turned into an actual nightmare, as my grandpa passed away yesterday morning. It was quite a shock, and everything is kind of turned up side down right now. I had today’s (I still couldn’t help but share) and tomorrow’s posts scheduled already, but things may be a bit quieter around here next week. Thank you for understanding. 



  2. Zombie-fied


    I know I know, Halloween was so last week. It felt like it lasted forever, and here I am - dragging it out more. But I was so proud of our zombie bride and groom costumes, I couldn’t help but share!

    I’m convinced Boo could actually play an extra on The Walking Dead. 




    all clothes: Goodwill

  3. Happy Halloween


    worn on October 28th, 2011

    Happy halloween everyone!

    I didn’t have a costume this year, but I figured I could still infuse a little halloween spirit into an outfit. So I pulled out my bat tights from last year, made a bat for my hair, and tried to get my hair all big and frizzy (for that crazy effect). And I did blood splatter nails! I may have gotten nail polish all over the place in the process, but I love how they came out. 

    did you dress up for halloween this year? How did you show your halloween spirit?

    IMG_6663 IMG_6737 IMG_6665 IMG_6711 IMG_6789

    sweater: H&M

    skirt: H&M

    tights: Tattoo Socks

    shoes: c/o Big Buddha

  4. Halloween Spirit

    October 31st, 2010

    dress: handmade by me, tights: Post, flats: Target

    Worn For: well….. halloween. To tell you the truth, we didn’t really do much. We had a bunch of different plans - going to see a scary movie, trick or treating, renting scary movies - but we never did any of them. We ended up just walking into the square for some coffee and people watching, handing out candy to trick or treaters, and watching the Ghost Hunters live episode (which was in Buffalo!). 

    I made the dress. Pretty simple and easy - dolman sleeve, knit bubble hem with patched face. The tights are awesome. You should check out their shop - they have a bunch of different cool ones. 

    I kind of kept it simple this year. I started out with just going old school with the ghost theme. But, then I added red hair, and it kind of threw it off. I figured if I threw in a bunch of typical halloween symbols - bats, spiders, ghost, etc - I could just go with halloween spirit or spirit of halloween.