1. Hunger (and Hockey) Games


    The weekend is almost here agaaaaain! Our big plan this weekend? Finally seeing The Hunger Games! I know I’m like a week late on this, but I actually just read the book last week as the movie was coming out. I was late to the game, but I’m totally on the bandwagon now. *Sigh*, let the obsession begin. 

    P.S - I’m wearing my blue and yellow today in honor of my Sabres :) They’ve been doing awesome making a huge playoff push recently, and they are making me very happy! Lets Go BUF-A-LO!

    IMG_4159 IMG_4056

    dress: BeBop; Buffalo Exchange

    cardigan: H&M

    necklace: shopHollyDolly

    tights: Urban Outfitters

    booties: Target

  2. Guest Posting At Virginie’s Cinema


    I’m over at Virginie’s Cinema today with another hockey fan inspired outfit. Come on over and visit to see more!


  3. A Photo An Hour

    Just a peek at what our Saturday looked like…



    breakfast time!



    gift cards + sale = new movies for Boo. And one for me. I bet you’ll never be able to figure out which one is mine :)

    funny story - turns out I already own that movie. How I didn’t know this, I don’t know. So now we will have to make a return. Doh. 



    And then my turn at the fabric store!



    Lunch with my Boo.



    Outfit photo time!



    Boo wouldn’t let me take his picture.

    Ok ok, this is just another photo from the 1pm hour. But I forgot to take one for 2. Whoops. 



    Hangning up new corkboards. New solution for necklace storage!



    Getting in some blog lovin’ :)



    Tv time with Boo. 



    On the menu for dinner: paninis and applesauce.



    Watching Sabies and sipping hot cider out of my Sabies cup. 



    Boo’s reading time.



    Our family dog, Sassy, was put to sleep on friday :( . I was trying to find my favorite picture of her - one I took for my photography class in high school. I couldn’t find it, but I do also love this one. Its a good 4 or 5 years old. Just playing in the snow together :)

  4. In My Life: Home For The Holidays

    Happy New Year everyone! How has everyones 2012 been so far?

    We are finally back in Boston. And although I have already shared my instagram photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas day (see them here), I still have a bunch more from the rest of our week at home. 

    As usual, I have pictures of my cat, Tim Horton’s coffee, and a Sabres game. Those are mandatory :) It wouldn’t be a trip home without them!

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    See all my In My Life/ Instagram posts here.

  5. In My Life : Home Time

    Photo Nov 21, 11 48 30 AM Untitled-1 Untitled-3 Untitled-2 Photo Nov 24, 7 14 53 PM Untitled-4

    Untitled-5 Photo Nov 26, 6 44 09 PM Photo Nov 26, 8 50 56 PM

    from the top…

    Oy, another 8 hour drive to Buffalo. I tried to keep myself busy by editing photos and and queuing up posts on the go. Until I shorted the fuse in our pluggy-thing. Awesome. But it got better when the very first thing I did when we got into Western New York was get some Tim Horton’s coffee. Nothing says home like some Timmy Ho’s. 

    Most of my week at home was just spent relaxing. I spent a lot of time in my pajamas and lounging around with Kiki. Even Thanksgiving was low-key. Dinner at my dads and then tv time with the brother. 

    And the best way to finish off a week at home - A Sabres game, of course!

  6. Another Outfit


    worn on November 5th, 2011

    Another day, another outfit :)

    IMG_7944 IMG_8020 IMG_7977 IMG_7964

    Oh yeah, I also rocked out my sweet 80’s Sabres jacket :)


    shirt: Urban Outfitters; Buffalo Exchange

    jacket: Ebay; gift

    skirt: Anthropologie

    belt: H&M

    tights: Express

    purse: Coach

    heels: Seychelles

  7. In My Life : Sabres and Other Things

    Things that happened this weekend:

    I had one of those days on friday where I pretty much didn’t move off of my spot on the couch. Day - photo editing, coffee, and Grey’s Anatomy reruns. Night - save the dates, sheep slippers, and the Sabres game. Same spot, just different activities. 

    I was in a very Sabre-y mood this weekend. At different times I sported both my 80’s bomber jacket and my customized All Stars. 

    It was also a build a fort in the living room type of weekend. Completed with wings and buffalo chicken wing dip while we watched yet another Sabres game. 

    (L) my favorite necklace

    (R) banana waffle at brunch with my boo.



    how was your weekend?