I whipped up yet another 20 minute knit skirt the other day, this one just in time for St. Paddy’s day! I mean, I’d feel like a bad little Irish girl if I didn’t sport a little green. 

    P.S - that cute little shamrock came from Sweet Cupcakes. More on that tomorrow!





    jacket: Forever21

    tee: Old Navy

    skirt: handmade (DIY here)



    I’ve made a few of these quick knit skirts over the past few years. And by quick, I really mean quick - I whipped this one up in about 20 minutes. BAM. Now, there are a few different ways you can go about making one of these, depending on how detailed and precise you want to be. But I thought I’d show you one of the simplest and quickest ways I know. It only involves two rectangular pieces of fabric. No need to worry about getting the exact waist to hip curve, since the stretchy knit fabric will just conform to your body. 

    Thats it. Two rectangles. Just a few seams. And you have yourself a skirt. read on after the jump to find out how. 


    - very stretchy knit fabric. how much depends on how long you want your skirt. But definitely less than 1 yard. 

    - sewing machine and/or serger (optional)

    - measuring tape and ruler

    - tailors chalk / fabric pencil

    - scissors, pins, thread, etc

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    I started this DIY earlier this week and was super excited about it….. and then that same day, A Beautiful Mess posted their own eye mask DIY. Bollocks. Why are they always so good? But whatever, mine has cat ears. So I’m sticking to it.  Read on after the jump to see how I made my version!


    - front fabric

    - back fabric (this will be up against your face. so the softer and silkier, the better.)

    -felt or batting (the darker the better. remember, this is to help block out light!)

    - elastic

    -scissors, pins, needle and thread, and access to a sewing machine

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    Have you guys seen those yarn wrapped wire words all over pinterest? Well, those were obviously the inspiration for this little project, but I was envisioning something a little different for our bedroom. So I played around with a few shapes and landed on an arrow. I actually thought this project would be a bit tedious. I was picturing myself wrapping wire with yarn forever. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that it went super fast! I had that baby wrapped in under an hour. BAM. Maybe I should make more of these. 


    what you’ll need:

    - wire. I picked up the thickest gauge craft wire I could find at Michaels. It’s still a bit flimsy, so if you can get your hands on something thicker, it would be better. I’ve seen people use wire re-enforced clothesline. But I don’t think it’s easy to find. 

    - a nice, thick and bulky yarn. Your run of the mill, regular yarn is too thin and will just add to the flimsiness. 

    - super glue

    - needle nose pliers (optional)

    - scissors


    Now continue reading after the jump to see how to do it!

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  5. Holly In Your Hair - a DIY


    Does that title sound like I’m about to show you a bunch of photoshopped pictures of miniature versions of myself hanging out in other people’s hair? Because now that’s all I can picture. 

    Anywho… I wasn’t born around Christmas, but I’m a sucker for playing up the whole holly thing this time of year. I often use the phrases “holly jolly Christmas” and “happy Holly-days”, and I gravitate towards any decorations that include the leaves and berries. So when I saw all of the christmas stuff at the floral section in Michaels (and at 70% off!), I got an idea. This Christmas, I’ma be Holly… wearing holly. 

    Genius, I know. 

    Here’s how I did it….


    You’ll need: fake holly leaves (you can get it for a few dollars at a craft store) - adhesive - felt - alligator hair clips


    1. Most likely, the leaves and berrys will just pop off of the main stem with a light tug. But if not, just simply cut them off. Cut the little stems off of the berries, too. 

    2. Glue a couple of leaves together to your desired look. Once they are completely dry, glue the berries to the leaves where the come together near the bottom. Note - I started out with tacky glue, which worked  really well glueing leaf to leaf. But not so much for the berries. I ended up using super glue for those. 

    3. Cut a small piece of felt that is just slightly bigger than your hair clip. 

    4. First glue the piece of felt to the back of your holly leaves - right in the middle, but closer to the bottom. Once dry, glue your hair clip to the piece of felt. Adding the felt gives it a little bit more stability. 

    5. Voila! Stick one in your hair, or wear a bunch together. Happy Holidays!




  6. DIY Hand Warmers


    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a baby in the cold. Even having lived somewhere that has a cold, snowy winter my entire life, I still can’t handle it. And I’m actually dreeeeeading another Northeast winter. 

    So I made up a few batches of these little teeny hand warmers to try and combat the chill. I keep them right next to my keys, so I remember to heat them up quick before I leave. That way I don’t have numb fingers on my walk to Starbucks the grocery store. Oh who am I kidding,  I’m going to Starbucks. 

    Here’s how I did it…..


    1. For a set of hand warmers, cut 4 3x3” pieces of cotton fabric.

    2. Place two of your squares wrong sides together, and sew 1/4” from the edge. Pivot at the corners, and leave about 1/2- 3/4” opening. Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and end. 

    3. Fill your square pouch with rice about 3/4” of the way full. I used a funnel so that I didn’t make a mess :)

    4. Sew and close up your small opening.

    5. Trim along the edges with pinking shears so that they don’t unravel. That’s it!


    But if you would prefer a cleaner look…..


    Start by placing your two square pieces right sides together, and sew just like before (1/4” from the edge, leave 1/2” opening). Clip your corners and trim the seam allowance, and then turn right side out through the opening.  Fill with your rice, and then close your opening with an invisible slipstitch.

    Just slightly more work, but it does have a simpler, cleaner look!


    Right before you walk out of the house, just heat them up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and slip them in your coat pocket. Caution! They’ll be really hot! I But I like to get them just a tad too hot so that they stay warm longer.

    Stay toasty, my friends :)


  7. DIY Necklace Stands


    I’ve been looking for some new displays for some shopHollyDolly items. And when I couldn’t find anything I really liked, I decided to make them myself! They are good display stands for jewelry designers, but would also be super cute for displaying your necklaces at home! Check out the supplies below, and see how to I put these together after the jump….


    - plywood ( I just used craft plywood)

    - thin wood stick for kickstands

    - craft saw

    - sandpaper

    -paint or wood stain

    -wood glue

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