Just a quick Etsy update - I’ve restocked sold out Knot Bracelets and Tassel Necklaces, as well as added a brand new color for each. Introducing Knot Magenta and Tassel Magenta! Head on over and check them out.




    1. You Make Me Smile by Islay’s Terrace 2. Heartbeat Necklace by Delphine Leymarie 3. Whale Dish by Pottery Lodge

    4. XO Temporary Tattoos by Pepper Ink 5. Gold Flats by Quiero June 6. Polka Dot Clutch by Two Tickets

  3. Etsy Favorites : Volume Eight


    1. Cropped Sweater by Remember A Day 2. Body Chain by Clydes Rebirth 3. Rose Quartz Necklace by Kalinkati

    4. Chunky Tie Scarf by Ozetta 5. Clear Clutch with Pouch by Estoite 6. Bumble Bee Bobby Pins by Vintage in Color

    I received an Etsy gift card for Christmas and have been painstakinly trying to decided exactly what to get. My favorites are full of such amazing things! It doesn’t help that I’m a notoriously indecisive person. Here are just a few of the things that I’m thinking about.

  4. Etsy Favorites : Volume Seven


    1. Red Knot Necklace by Elfina Design 2. Giraffe Planter by Boy-Girl Tees 3. Chevron Duvet by Lovely Home Idea

    4. Triangle Clutch by BlackBird and The Owl 5. Hair Bow by Plexida 6. Embroidery Hoop by The Merriweather Council

    7. Hello Pillow Cover by Michelle Dwight Designs

  5. Etsy Favorites : Volume Six


    1. Cat Fabric Coasters by Julia Wine 2. Geometric Print Clutch by Mirka Design 3. Yellow Pom Pom Hat by Irismint

    4. Blue Braid Headband by Plexida 5. Chromatography Necklace by The Little Chilli

  6. Shop Update


    As promised, my next group of new items is up and ready in the shop! I have small bow hair clips, and a couple of larger hair combs. I can only do the hair combs in the two colors at the moment, but hopefully down the road I can do it in more! 

    In other news, I now accept direct checkout, as well as Etsy gift cards. Woohoo! 


    Stay tuned in a few weeks for brand new items. P.S - I’m super excited about these ones!

  7. Shop Update


    Keeping with my 2013 goal, I’m chugging right along and working hard on updating shopHollyDolly. Up first - bow and collar necklaces. I’ve re-photographed all of the old colors, as well as added a few new colors. 

    Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 10.59.56 AM

    Stayed tuned in a couple of weeks. Up next will be hair bows (both large and small), and after that - new items and a bridal line! I’m pretty excited, and I hope you are too :) So please, check it out!