1. What’s In My Bag : Travel Edition


    I shared my love for this bag yesterday, and now I thought I would show you what is inside. This bag is nice and big and roomy. I can fit my computer, iPad, camera, multiple lenses, and everything in between.  And yes, it all fits. I swear. 




    -Epiphanie Brooklyn bag

    Camera Gear

    One of the main purposes of my trip is to (hopefully) take some photos of my newborn nephew. So I’m carrying more camera gear than I might usually. There is even more in my suitcase. 

    - Canon Rebel 4ti (my old xti is pictured because I used the 4ti to take this photo)

    - Canon 50mm 1.4 lens

    - Canon 40mm pancake lens

    - Canon 18-55mm zoom lens (not pictured - being used)

    - Neewer flash speedlite

    - Fujifilm Instax Mini

    Tech Gear

    - Macbook Pro (for photo editing, interenet, etc)

    - iPad2 and stylus (for sketching, gaming, reading, blog reading, etc)

    -iPhone (for instagram. and twitter. Obvs.)

    Everything Else

    - Warby Parker prescrition sunglasses. I just got these, and I’m pretty excited to be able to wear sunglasses and be able to still see.

    - Mini notebook and neon colored pencils. For fun. 

    -Wallet, keys, coffee coozie. The basics. 

    - Business cards. Because you never know. 

    - A few small snacks. I don’t deal with hunger well at all. So I always make sure I have something on me. 

    -Tissues. Travelling can be rough, yo. 

    -My dino pouch. I keep all small things in here so they aren’t just floating around. Like bandaids, hair ties, bobbie pins, Rosebud Salve, camera remote, etc. 

  2. Travel Formula


    I seem to have acquired quite the collection of camera bags. I wore my new Ona bag in tuesday’s post, and here I have my other new one - my Epiphanie Brooklyn bag. I’m really excited to use this one, because I think it will be perfect for traveling. I often fly by myself, and carrying a big bulky shoulder bag, while rolling a suitcase, and carrying a coffee and ticket can be, well, not so fun. So I’m picturing that this backpack will make things so much easier!

    And it just so happens that I will traveling all this weekend and next week - how perfect! I not only imagine myself carrying this bag, I also plan on wearing an outfit pretty similar to this for my flight. Mostly knits, lots of layers, comfy boots, and a colorful carry-on. The perfect formula for travel wear. 


    P.S - check back tomorrow for a look inside my Epiphanie Brooklyn bag!





    jacket: Theory

    sweater: thrifted Gap

    striped tunic: c/o OASAP

    pants: Denimocracy (won in a giveaway)

    bag: Epiphanie Bags

    boots: Lulu’s (christmas gift from Boo)

  3. Holiday Wish List


    1. Seriously, how cute are these hangers?! They would look pretty cute in my office/sewing room. 

    2. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a camera upgrade. Love. 

    3. I’m looking for some crafty business books - options one, two, three

    4. Warby Parker prescription sunglasses. I’m partial to the Winston frames, as you know. 

    5. I’ve been craving a simple navy blue dress. A little sparkle doesn’t hurt. 

    6. These rain boots are perfect. 

    7. I’m kind of camera bag obsessed. I think this Epiphanie back pack would fit into my collection nicely. 

    8.Fabulous and stylish tech gloves.

  4. Hello Friday!


    Happy friday! Any plans this weekend?

    I’m going to be pretty busy myself. Tomorrow is Blog Better Boston, which I am super duper excited about (and you will be hearing about it next week). Will I be seeing any of you Boston ladies there? I hope so! Also, Boo and I will (hopefully) be picking out our wedding bands sometime this weekend.  Yay for crossing things off the wedding to-do list!

    IMG_3350 IMG_3610 IMG_3486 IMG_3488

    dress: thrifted

    top: H&M

    shoes: Jeffrey Campbell; Buffalo Exchange

    camera bag: Epiphanie Bags

    bracelets: handmade

  5. Pops Of Red


    This outfit is pretty similar, color wise, to yesterday’s outfit post. Whoops! I guess I’m really feeling pops of red lately :)

    Are we friends on Twitter?

    How about Facebook?

    Theres also Pinterest!

    IMG_7863 IMG_7876

    faux fur vest: handmade

    tee: Gap

    pants: H&M

    bow: handmade, available at shopHollyDolly

    shoes: c/o Big Buddha

    bag: Epiphanie Bags

  6. What I Wore: Christmas Day


    worn on December 25th, 2011

    My Christmas outfit!

    I was always one of those kids that had to wear all of my new stuff that I open Christmas morning that day. It wasn’t Christmas day if I wasn’t wearing a new outfit. And that obviously hasn’t changed. I couldn’t wait to sport my new Epiphanie camera bag and my new boots that I received for christmas, so I wore them right away that day! 

    I love my THEIT Bossi bag, but it is soooo nice to have a second option for when I carry my camera around. My new Epiphanie Lola is so pretty! These two bags are my babies :)

    Oh, and these are also the first photos taken with my new 50mm lens! Also a new love. 


    P.S - You can see some of my instagram snapshots from my Christmas here

    IMG_3288 IMG_3200 IMG_3196 IMG_3241

    dress: BB Dakota; Hautelook

    shirt: Zara; Buffalo Exchange

    hat and tights: Urban Outfitters

    necklace: shopHollyDolly

    bag: Epiphanie Bags; christmas gift

    boots: Dolce Vita; christmas gift