I have a small washi tape obsession. And a big jar full of tape rolls to prove it. 

    Not only do I use it a lot in packaging and gift wrapping, but I’ve fallen in love with using it throughout our apartment. Seriously, it makes for the best makeover for just about anything! I originally showed you in our bedroom tour how it instantly transformed our old and tired white dresser with some bold black stripes. But I thought I would share with you today a few other spots I’ve used it throughout my sewing room. 

    One of the very fist things I did in my sewing room when we moved in a year and a half ago was block out an “inspiration board” with my orange tape. I loved the alternative to hanging something like a cork board. And then I use the tape as well to hang everything within my board. No crazy holes in wall! Yay!

    I also added some random, alternating stripes to the door, and outlined the outer edge of my white sewing table for a pop of color (not pictured). And the best part about these makeovers? If I decide I don’t like it anymore, I can just peel the tape off without any damage to the walls or furniture. No commitment required :)






    Kate Spade quote print - Amanda Catherine Designs

    Katniss Everdeen quote print - BC Print Shop

    giraffe print - Sadly Harmless

    knit pouf - CB2



    Since living in this small attic apartment for almost a year and a half now, I’ve changed up the decor in the bedroom so many times. It just never felt quite right. A lot of that has to do with the fact that we rent and there are a lot of things we can’t do or change. Like the baby blue wall color - not my first choice.

    But after hanging up the arrow from yesterday’s DIY, I realized that I think I’m actually kind of happy with where it’s at right now. No, it’s not perfect. I daydream about how I would decorate if we actually owned a house, and all the new things I would buy. But for what we have, I’m happy with it.

    P.S - I first gave a glimpse of the bed area back in this post, where I told you the story of those seagulls. Head on over there to find out what they’re all about!







    comforter: Urban Outfitters (but super old)

    'for like ever' sign: Oh Dier

    'to the moon' print: Sophie Brown Handmade

    large vintage globe: Crompton Collective

    arrow: yesterday’s DIY

    Boba Fett print: The Concepcion Studios

    ampersand: Edie’s Lab

  3. Snapshots : My Workspace


    I’ve shared a few snapshots of my workspace before. But seeing as it was (somewhat) pulled together yesterday, I thought I would take a few photos around the room. Believe me - this is a rare moment. 

    This room is where I do my sewing and jewelry making. It also houses my closet and is where I do my outfit planning. I would also like to say that I blog in here, but lets face it - I do most of that from the couch :). I usually have one of every project going at once, and therefore my workspace usually looks like a tornado has gone through it 99% of the time. Fabric scraps on top of pattern pieces on top of scraps of leather on top of clothes on top of shoes. And I guarantee you there is more than a handful of pins scattered throughout all of that. Such is my life. 

    But today I am showing you snippets of what seems like a perfectly well kept workspace. I promise by tomorrow it will be back to its norm. 













  4. Happy Holly-days


    I’ve been soaking up all the Christmas goodness this week. The delicious smell of the tree, the twinkle of the lights, The last minute shopping and gift wrapping. All while drinking lots and lots of tea while trying to kick this cold. I mean, fuzzy socks and warm cups of tea are the cure for all colds, right?

    Anyway, I’m signing off for the extended weekend to enjoy the holidays with the fam. I’ll be back late next week- I’m sure I’ll be sharing more Christmas goodness! Until then, my friends, Merry Christmas and Happy Holly-days :)







  5. Home Sweet Home


    Just a little peek around our living room area. 

    To see more from around our apartment, click here






    Conan O’Brien “If you work really hard…” print - IScreenYouScreen

    Boo and I illustration - Though Very Humble

    Buffalo print - Studio Lyon

    Buffalo city print - Hero Design

    for like ever sign - Oh Dier

  6. My Workspace (and a guest post)




    Hello friends! Today I’m over at Holly’s (name twinsies!) blog, Scuttle, talking about my favorite parts of my workspace. To  see more pictures and to read what I have to say, head on over here and check it out!

    P.S - thank you to all who have been voting for me in Modcloth’s Make The Contest. If you haven’t voted yet, please, hop on over here and do so! If you have voted already, vote again! You can do so every 24 hours :)

  7. Story Of Some Seagulls


    Have I ever told you guys the story of these paper birds I keep hanging in our bedroom? Well, let me tell you. 

    To start with, I should mention that, in high school, I was given the nickname “Little Seagull”. Long story short - On our school trip to France, during our junior year, my exchange family didn’t exactly pack me the best lunches. So I spent an entire week picking at and eating everyone’s scraps. My friends dubbed me “Seagull”. It stuck. And I accepted it. 

    Flash forward a year later. It is our Senior year of high school, and Boo and I have been hanging out. A lot. One day, Just as the bell rang at the end of the day, Boo came up to me  holding an origami paper bird. A seagull. I squealed, and asked if it could fly. So he threw it into the air, and….. it did not fly. I told him that was ok, that I loved it anyway. But he promised me he would find out a way to make it fly. 

    Now, flash forward another few weeks. I spent the evening at the drive in with a couple of my girlfriends. We saw both showings, so we didn’t get back to my house until well after midnight. As we approached my front door, there was sign that simply said “follow the arrows”. Inside the house, there were arrows taped to the floor. Through the kitchen, the hallway, and stopping right in front of my bedroom. I opened up the door, turned on the lights, and was shocked. There they were. The seagulls. Just like the one he had given to me before, but this time they covered my ceiling. And there was a fan in the corner, pointed up at them…. making them fly. Along with it, there was a note- asking me to be his girlfriend. 

    That’s how it began. Seven and a half years later, and I’ll always make sure some of those birds are hanging nearby.

    P.S - for those of you that don’t know, those words in the headboard are the lyrics to Jack Johnson’s - Better Together.  Which happens to be one of the first songs we danced to together back in hight school - in my driveway. And it also happens to be the song we danced to for our first dance at our wedding.