» Oh hey, surprise road trip! I didn’t mention it before, but if you follow me on Instagram than you know that for the last week and a half Boo and I had been on an all-American road trip across the midwest! I have a crap ton of pictures, so expect a whole couple of weeks full of trip-related posts. 

    » Last week I was featured in Blog Better Boston’s latest round of {hub}LINKS. This time the theme was Home Sweet Home, and was curated by Kate of DomestiKated Life

    » I’m also honored to be featured in another fabulous blogger’s "bloggers I love" round-up. Head on over to Fine and Feathered to see her other picks. 

    » I am so, so, SO excited that my spool necklace was included in one of Etsy’s daily Etsy Finds newsletters! Huge surprise. Thank you Lianna for the heads up!

    » A few favorite Etsy treasuries featuring shopHollyDolly: one, two, three, four, five

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    » Oh my goodness. If you need a quick laugh, these pups have you covered. 

    » Weather update: spring is officially never coming. It snowed again yesterday. And I cried. 

    » Have you met the new sheriff in town? That last picture up there of Henry cracks me up. He hates his new Woody shirt. But it’s adorable. So he’ll have to deal with it. 

    » A few Etsy treasuries featuring shopHollyDolly: Think Spring, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Purple, Spring #26

    » I haven’t mentioned it in my outfit posts this week, but I gots my hairs cut. I swear I go shorter and shorter each time. But I really like it at this length!

    » This top is everything. $178?!?! Whhhhhhhy.

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    » I’d like to welcome L’AVENIR as HollyDolly’s newest sponsor! Head on over to their shop to check out their vintage inspired jewelry. I really love the Nexus Necklace and Delicate Key Necklaces!

    » Some favorite Etsy treasuries featuring shopHollyDolly: one, two, three, four, five.

    » MUST HAVE THESE SWEATPANTS. My birthday is next month. Hint hint. 

    » Can I just profess my love for these jeans? I just got my second pair, and I wish I could have them in every color and wash. You can’t find anything better for that price.

    » Kinsey’s bow back sweatshirt DIY is going to the top of my DIY to-do list! Have you seen it? Too cute!

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    » My curated edition of {hub}LINKS is live! Check out all the lovely Boston Bloggers and their handmade posts. And thank you to Amy and Alana for having me as a guest!

    » I happened to look at Henry’s adoption paperwork the other day and realized his birthday is next week. So don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here crafting little cat birthday hats (I wish I was joking). 

    » I get so excited when shopHollyDolly makes it to the front page of Etsy!

    » Some other favorite recent treasuries featuring shopHollyDolly: one, two, three, four

    » New wish list additions : this sunny dress, this floral jumpsuit, these sleek rain boots, these denim overalls, and these cat sweatpants

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    » I usually post ‘In My Life’ posts on Fridays. But I didn’t have one last week, and I have a special Valentine’s Day post scheduled for this week. And I have A LOT to share. So Tuesday it is. It’s getting crazy up in here. 

    » Attention Boston Bloggers! I’m honored to be guest curating this round of Blog Better Boston’s {hub}LINKS! The theme is ‘handmade’. So submit any DIYs, recipes, favorite handmade finds, etc. Or even show some love for your favorite handmade businesses! Submit here, and I’ll be picking my favorites after 2/18. So get those links in!

    » Have you heard of StyleUp? It’s a really cool daily email that sends you the weather forecast for the day, as well as an outfit inspiration photo to match said weather. And hey, if you live in a climate similar to Boston, you may see me in your inbox every now and then :)

    » Oh hey look - I was in a Buzzfeed list. Too bad it links to a pin, and not my actual post. 

    » Last week, Boo made chocolate truffles. AMAZING. He’s pretty good in the kitchen, that one. 

    » This cat acts as a keyboard prop as his owner works on the computer. So funny. 

    » I’ve been trying to remember to also upload my outfits to Modcloth’s style gallery. See my gallery here (let’s be friends). And see me featured in one of their blog posts here

    » Treasury love : one, two, three

    » I love Madalynne’s list of 2014’s Best Sewing Blogs. Although I don’t concentrate on sewing with this blog, it is still a pretty big part of my life. And I read a lot of sewing blogs. This is spot on, and even introduced me to a couple of new favorites!

    » A few things on my wish list : this roomy bag, this  floral dress, this pretty kimono, and this bell sleeved sweatshirt

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    » Thanks to Boston.com for their featuring my DIY necklace stand in their guy-friendly Valentine’s DIY projects list!

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    » Um, a Jimmy Fallon sketch where Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, and Joey Gladstone reunite in all of their Full House amazing-ness?! I watched it three times. 

    » Some favorite Etsy treasuries featuring shopHollyDolly: onetwothree

    » Boo made Chicken Green Chili Lasagna last weekend for dinner, and we’ve been eating leftovers all week. It’s so good! 

    » Those printed leggings in the first photo are from Black Milk, and they are a Daily Prophet print from Harry Potter. Boo got them for me for Christmas. That guy knows what he’s doing. 

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    » In case you missed it, I made a coat. And I’m pretty proud of it. Up next- more leggings, and a dress covered in giraffes.

    » Usually I love a good valentines themed outfit. Unfortunately, this year I am unprepared. Wishing I had either this dress or this sweater.  

    » A few favorite Etsy treasuries featuring shopHollyDolly : one, two, three, four

    » I was so excited when Megan announced that some of her patterns are being licensed and sold through Simplicity patterns. That is SUCH a big deal! Go Meg! :)

    » Is anybody else obsessed with these Valentino butterfly dresses from their pre-fall collection as I am?

    » I will click on anything that involves cats, and this collection of cats taking selfies had me laughing. 

    » It took me awhile to get it set up and working, but I’ve been loving the Eye-Fi SD card that I got for Christmas. Photos I take on my DSLR can be instantly sent to my phone right after I take them. It’s so fantastic.

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