1. DIY Ring Charm Bracelet


    Did you guys happen to see that one bracelet on Jewelmint? You know, this one:

    When I saw it, I immediately thought it was very cool idea. And I also thought it would be a perfect DIY. I have so many dainty little rings in my jewelry box, that while they still mean a lot to me, I don’t really wear anymore. So I thought it would be perfect to recycle them into a brand new piece of jewelry!


    what you need:

    - assorted old rings

    -extra charms

    -assorted size jump rings

    -toggle clasp

    -jewelry pliers


    A step by step guide really isn’t needed for this one. Simply attach the rings and charms together with the jump rings until you have the look and length you are going for. Be as uniform or random as you want. Another good idea is to mix metals. If I would’ve had other jump rings than silver, I definitely would have used them.

    IMG_6244 IMG_6497

  2. Reconstructed Tee DIY

    One of my goals for the blog this year is to do a lot more DIYs than I was doing before. My hope is that if I tell myself that every wednesday must be either a DIY or wedding post, it will keep me busy, motivated, and constantly working on new projects. Heres to hoping :)

    So I’m starting out slowly with a little t-shirt reconstruction. I picked this up at the last swap I attended. Its a mens XL, and way to big for wither me or Boo. But I’m a sucker for ombre, and its the softest cotton ever, so as soon as I touched it there was no way I was putting it down. 

    And now I finally got around to sizing it into a shirt I can actually wear :) Heres an easy way to turn an oversized tee into something more fitted. 


    You’ll Need:

    -an oversized tee

    -a tee that fits you well

    -something for marking (tailors chalk, colored pencil, etc)

    -sewing supplies

    -rhinestones or other embellishments

    1-2 copy

    1. Carefully cut off the sleeves and set aside.

    2. Lay your “good” tee on top, making sure to line up the neck and shoulders. trace the outline of the top shirt with your marking tool. Don’t forget to reshape your armholes too!

    3-4 copy

    3. Make sure you add a little seam allowance to your new lines, and then go ahead and cut. 

    4. Sew up your new side seams. And then sew your sleeves back in. You may either need to make a slight adjustment to the size of the sleeve or ruche it to give it a little puff effect. (sorry, I forgot to document this separately). 

    5 copy

    5. And now the fun part! Use your rhinestones and fabric glue (or whatever other embellishments) to bling out whatever area you want. The pocket, collar, sleeves… whatever! I really wanted to do the entire pocket, but I didn’t have nearly enough rhinestones. 


    And now I have a cute and soft new tee shirt! Now that I’m looking at the photos, the only other thing I might go back and do is shorten the sleeves a little. But I like how it came out, otherwise. 

    IMG_4635 IMG_4640

    **Keep a lookout from now on every wednesday for either a new project or wedding related post. I’m pretty excited for this!**