1. Snapshots : My Workspace


    I’ve shared a few snapshots of my workspace before. But seeing as it was (somewhat) pulled together yesterday, I thought I would take a few photos around the room. Believe me - this is a rare moment. 

    This room is where I do my sewing and jewelry making. It also houses my closet and is where I do my outfit planning. I would also like to say that I blog in here, but lets face it - I do most of that from the couch :). I usually have one of every project going at once, and therefore my workspace usually looks like a tornado has gone through it 99% of the time. Fabric scraps on top of pattern pieces on top of scraps of leather on top of clothes on top of shoes. And I guarantee you there is more than a handful of pins scattered throughout all of that. Such is my life. 

    But today I am showing you snippets of what seems like a perfectly well kept workspace. I promise by tomorrow it will be back to its norm. 













  2. In My Life


    » This week on Megan Nielsen Design Diary: a mason jar pin cushion DIY (above), and a hand sewn hems tutorial.

    » Earlier this week, I was featured on the Modcloth Blog with my favorite vintage find. Check it out here

    » You guys, it is supposed to be warm this weekend. And by warm, I mean, like, 55 degrees. I’m going to all crazy and not wear any tights. And I’m super excited about it. 

    » Don’t forget - you can follow along with HollyDolly via Bloglovin’ here!



  3. A Catch-Up, Some News, and Randomness


    Just an end of the week catch-up on what I have going on these days…..

    » It’s still snowing. And I’m still complaining about it. Still dreaming of spring, too. 

    » I finally got my hair cut. Nothing drastic. I just haven’t gotten it done since october, and it needed it. Badly. 

    » I continue to update and add new items to my collection at Crompton Collective every few weeks. So If you live in the Worcester/Boston area, you should go check it out! I’m also updating  the Etsy shop as items sell/ I make new ones. 

    » Speaking of Etsy, I’ve become kind of treasury crazy lately. If you don’t know - a treasury is a curated collection of really cool items on Etsy. For me, it’s like creating mood boards. And I love it. You can see my treasuries here

    » Lastly, I’m super excited to announce that I am now a part of the Megan Nielsen Design Diary team! I’ll be over there a few times a week, sharing tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials. As well as some other pretty cool things. You can see my first post, tips on selecting the best seam finish, here

    This is really exciting for me, because it helps me get back to my love of sewing and creating clothing. As you may know, I’ve been sewing since I was little, and sewing and designing is what I committed 4 years of my life to doing in college. But lately, it has gotten away from me. I kind of lost the desire, for reasons unknown to even me. Maybe it was the lack of motivation. I don’t know. But I do know that when Megan contacted me, asking if I would like to help her out, I was beyond happy. Happy to help her. Happy to have the motivation again, to get behind my  sewing machine. Happy to brush up on all those skills I learned in school. Happy to be back at it again. 


  4. My Workspace (and a guest post)




    Hello friends! Today I’m over at Holly’s (name twinsies!) blog, Scuttle, talking about my favorite parts of my workspace. To  see more pictures and to read what I have to say, head on over here and check it out!

    P.S - thank you to all who have been voting for me in Modcloth’s Make The Contest. If you haven’t voted yet, please, hop on over here and do so! If you have voted already, vote again! You can do so every 24 hours :)

  5. The Good Kind Of Rainy Days

    Worn on June 24th, 2011

    We’ve had another few days of pretty rainy weather around here. Usually, I don’t like days like these. But these have been some pretty good ones. This week I’ve spent almost all my time in comfy sweatshirts, drinking coffee, and sewing away while netflix-ed Dexter episodes play next to me. 

    You see, I wanted a second outfit for our engagement shoot coming up. But after weeks and weeks of searching for the perfect dress, I just couldn’t find something I wanted. So it finally dawned on me to just make something myself. If I wouldn’t thought of this earlier, I would’ve designed and drafted something myself. But seeing as I now only have a short amount of time, I decided to go with a commercial pattern. And I’m loving the way its looking so far. 

    sweatshirt: VictoriasSecret.com

    neon tank: H&M

    jeans: BCBGeneration

    bow necklace: made by me - HollyDoll

    bunting necklace: Little Pancakes

    shoes: vintage

    clockwise from top left

    - in the beginning

    - my little sewing buddies :)

    - I realized all of the mugs I own have something to do with WNY/home. I’ve had this baby for the longest time. 

    - almost done! this photo is deceiving. the skirt portion is actually just pinned together. I was getting impatient and wanted an idea of what the finished product would look like. don’t worry, you’ll get to see the real thing soon!