1. Crop and Swap


    Confession: I absolutely LOVE the crop top trend going on right now. LOVE. IT. 

    It’s just, when I actually got around to trying it myself, I felt a wee bit self conscious. But, with everything I have going on right now, I didn’t even have time to think about it. So I braved it - I hiked up my skirt, threw on a cardi (ok, not really. It was 100 degrees out. The cardi barely lasted 5 minutes), and headed out to this month’s Dress Swap hosted by the Swapaholics. 


    If you are in the Boston area, don’t forget that these swaps are being held monthly! Don’t forget to check out the schedule, and Follow the Swapaholics on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t mix the next one. 


    cropped top: Anthropologie

    skirt: Anthropologie

    cardigan: JCrew -similar

    bag: c/o The Swapaholics

    heels: Seychelles (won in a giveaway)

  2. Fiesta Swap


    On Wednesday evening, I attended The Swapaholics Fiesta Swap held at 40 Berkeley. There were pretty clothes, beergaritas and burritos, and photo booth fun. Overall, another successful swap :)

    If you are in Boston, did you know that there are monthly swaps being held at 40 Berkely this year? The next one is June 20th, and it is cocktail/wedding themed! How perfect!


    - Amy in a fantastically festive jumpsuit - all the pretty clothes -

    - night time in Boston Common - Amy, Alana, and myself -


    top: Urban Outfitters

    skirt: vintage, Twitch Vintage

    necklace: Little Pancakes

    heels: Blowfish Shoes

  3. Firsts of the Season, And Thirds of Other Things.


    The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect. Perfect weather for firsts of the season. It started with our first summer bbq with friends. Mmmmmmm, burgers and margaritas.  And then on Sunday, we spent our first official afternoon on the porch with a couple of cold bottles of Coke and our books.

    And then we went and saw The Hunger Games.

    For the third time.

    Because there is nothing like finishing off a warm day with a cool theater, an iced coffee, and a really, really good movie. 


    top and purse: H&M

    skirt: swapped

    shoes: thrifted

  4. Always Girly

    IMG_7324 copy copy

    Some days I gravitate towards black jeans, leather boots, and bold silver jewelry, and then other days I feel like dressing as girly as possible. What can I say, I guess I’ll never grow out of my bows, ruffles, and florals. 

    P.S - Do you like my pin? Its my newest piece from Jewelmint! Don’t forget, if you sign up for Jewelmint, use code bos990 for 50% off your first month, c/o the Boston MBA Team.

    IMG_7394 IMG_7400 copy IMG_7311 copy copy IMG_7422 copy copy

    sweater: H&M; Buffalo Exchange

    skirt: swapped and DIYed

    tights: Urban Outfitters

    pin:  Jewelmint, use code bos990 for 50% off your first month, c/o the Boston MBA Team

    boots: Steven Steve Madden

  5. Black & Blue


    worn on December 5th, 2011

    There are a handful of shows and movies that, if on TV, I HAVE to watch them. Like Armageddon and Titanic. I guarantee you - if I come across either of those movies in the guide, I won’t bother looking any farther. They suck me in.

    Lately, its been Storage Wars. I.Can’t.Look.Away. And there seems to be a marathon on as I’m typing this. So I guess the rest of my day is shot, ha. 

    IMG_0898 IMG_0788 Untitled-1 IMG_0833 IMG_0707

    sweater: swapped

    shirt: BCGB

    pants: Gap

    headband: Anthropologie

    necklace: Bobbles and Lace

    bag: THEIT

    shoes: Blowfish Shoes

  6. Creepsters Be Creepin’


    worn on November 3rd, 2011

    This outfit was created to go with my new DIY hair comb. Ta daaaaaaaaa…


    So, I’m used to people staring and being creepy by now. It happens a lot, and I’ve mentioned it before. I get it. A girl standing there, posing, taking her own photos - its weird. But Its more something I expect when I’m taking them in public, not when I’m right in front of my own house. I was out taking these photos, and at the house directly across the street, two women opened their door and stood in their doorway as they stared at me until I finished. Whats worse is that I was directly facing them, so I had to face the awkwardness and see them as I was trying to pose. 

    Come on people - just look, look confused and weirded out by the weird girl, and move on. No need to be that creepy. 

    IMG_7364 IMG_7493

    tee: Express

    cardigan: JCrew

    jacket: H&M

    skirt: swapped

    tights: Express

    shoes: Marc By Marc Jacobs

    tote: Swapaholics

  7. Best Swap Find Ever


    Worn on September 30th, 2011

    Yesterday, I mentioned that I managed to pick up a Diane von Furstenberg top at the swap (major score!). Well, here it is! Its silky, and hot pink, and has a fun print! I’m super pumped that I managed to get my hands on it before anyone else did. 

    p.s - that darn ISO. I don’t know why I always forget to check it. Sorry for the graininess. 

    IMG_4132 IMG_4146

    top: Diane von Furstenberg, swapped

    sweater: C&C California

    pants: Seven For All Mankind

    heels: Forever21

    necklace: handmade, available in my shop