1. #BBBos


    Continuing my obsession with crop tops, I present you with my outfit that I wore the Blog Better Boston: Style Summit. I’ve had this outfit planned out since  before I even had this skirt made up. And it worked out just as good in real life, as it did in my head. 

    Now, I was a bad little blogger and deserve a slap on the wrist. I barely took any photos at the event. I know. Not cool. I was just too busy mingling and chatting with all the other lovely Boston bloggers to realize I had my own blogging duties! Please forgive me. But at least I had my iPhone permanently attached to my hand the entire day, so I did manage to get a good number of Instagram photos. 

    But I seriously had a blast the entire day. I met some new blogger friends, caught up with Julie from Orchid Grey, met Tieka from Selective Potential, won a dress from Lulu’s, and learned awesome new stuff that I can’t wait to put to work here. Isn’t it amazing that after almost 3 years of blogging, there is still so much to learn about it?!

    Thank you Amy, Alana and the rest of the Blog Better Boston and Boston.com teams for putting on such an awesome event!






    crop top: American Apparel

    skirt : handmade using Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt, my colorblock tutorial here

    shoes : Seychelles

    bag: THEIT

  2. Skin


    You should’ve seen Boo’s face when I walked out in this outfit. “Are you wearing a belly shirt?!”, he said. 

    Why, yes. Yes I am. 

    But please call it a crop top. The term belly shirt really creeps me out. 

    See, I told you I wasn’t kidding around with this trend. 






    cardigan: Forever21
    bag: Theit
    flats: OldNavy
  3. Berry Blue


    Boo had some gift cards from Christmas to spend, so this weekend we headed into Boston for a little shopping. I bundled up for the occasion - giant fur blanket around my neck and all. 







    dress: Modcloth

    cardigan: H&M

    tights: H&M

    hat: Urban Outfitters

    snood: handmade

    bag: THEIT

    socks: Madewell

    booties: Steve Madden

  4. What I Wore: Blog Better Boston


    Here we go - what I wore to the conference this past saturday. I’m really happy with what I put together, and it actually may be one of my favorite outfits as of late. 

    I actually picked this top up at Buffalo Exchange just two days before. I wasn’t going to at first, seeing as I already have a polka dot problem. But I couldn’t resist. And I’m glad I didn’t!

    IMG_3678 IMG_3776 IMG_3754 IMG_3797 IMG_3663

    top: (unknown)Buffalo Exchange

    cardigan: Express

    skirt: thrifted

    heels: RocketDog

    bag: THEIT

  5. It Doesn’t Take Much To Make Me Happy


    Back in the fall, the shoulder strap on my THEIT Bossi bag snapped. It was a sad, sad day my friends. Do you know how hard it is to constantly carry a heavy camera bag around on your arm? The answer is: pretty hard. That thing gets ridiculously heavy with all my crap in it. 

    But the people over at THEIT were kind enough to send me a replacement strap. And when it arrived in the mail the other day, it literally made my week. Lame, I know, that just a bag strap could make me that happy. But I don’t think you understand just how heavy my bag is :)

    IMG_8254 IMG_8365 IMG_8249

    dress: Red Valentino; Buffalo Exchange

    cardigan and leggings: H&M

    bag: THEIT

    booties: Target

  6. My New Green Pants


    worn on January 14th, 2011

    Brrrrrr, it was really cold this weekend!

    I wore this out on saturday for a little wedding filled morning with my friend Ashlee. We went wedding dress shopping for her (and found the one! Yay Ash!) and then grabbed some lunch where it was non stop wedding talk. I’m getting married in July, and she is getting married in September, so we have double the wedding fun!

    IMG_5647 IMG_5680 


    sweater, pants, and scarf: H&M

    shirt: BCBG

    heels: Forever21

    bag: THEIT bossi bag

  7. Black & Blue


    worn on December 5th, 2011

    There are a handful of shows and movies that, if on TV, I HAVE to watch them. Like Armageddon and Titanic. I guarantee you - if I come across either of those movies in the guide, I won’t bother looking any farther. They suck me in.

    Lately, its been Storage Wars. I.Can’t.Look.Away. And there seems to be a marathon on as I’m typing this. So I guess the rest of my day is shot, ha. 

    IMG_0898 IMG_0788 Untitled-1 IMG_0833 IMG_0707

    sweater: swapped

    shirt: BCGB

    pants: Gap

    headband: Anthropologie

    necklace: Bobbles and Lace

    bag: THEIT

    shoes: Blowfish Shoes