1. Vizio Optic Fall 2013 Lookbook


    I interrupt our regular scheduled programming to share something with you that I’m really excited about. Remember last month when I mentioned the Vizio Optic photoshoot that I got to be a part of? Well the lookbook is finally here! If you cannot view it below, head on over to Vizio Optic to check it out. Lindsey, Lei Ann, Kristen, Kelsey look fantastic, and there are some seriously gorgeous frames featured!

    thank you Vizio Optic for such a fun experience!


    *Photographs by Stephanie Peterson

  2. In My Life


    » Last weekend, along with some other Boston area bloggers, I got a chance to do a really fun photoshoot with Vizio Optic. In other words, I got to play model and wear some really adorable glasses and sunglasses. I’ll be sharing those photos soon!

    » You guys, I’m that cat lady now. My cat wears a leash. I’m both ashamed and amused. 

    » It’s rainy. Which makes me reeeeeally lazy today. In the battle of sewing/ jewelry making vs. watching a lot of TV…. TV is winning. Ugh. 

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  3. A Visit to Vizio Optic



    Recently, I was invited to come in and visit the wonderful people at Vizio Optic in Brookline, MA. As a lover of cute eyewear, and a fan of local business, I jumped at the opportunity! 

    You see, Vizio isn’t one of those basic, boring eyewear shops. They have high end, unique, fashion forward frames. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely get some amazing, simple, black frames here. But, if you arelooking for something really different - maybe a crazy frame shape. Or maybe you want a more basic frame shape, but in a bright, bold hot pink. Vizio has you covered no matter how bold you wanna go. 

    Another upside - they do good. When you buy eyeglasses at Vizio, they give a pair of frames to someone in need. Amazing, right?


    The only downside - the price. These frames are high end. And the prices reflects that. But, if you wear glasses (and wear them every.single.day like I do), it could definitely be worth it. I’ve never seen anything like what I saw here. The colors! The prints! The shapes! A couple of the frames I tried on are now on my christmas wish list, for sure :)

    So, if you live in the Boston area and are looking for a new pair of glasses (or sunglasses!), I definitely recommend a visit to Vizio. Not from the area? They also have an online store, and ship internationally! Check them out :)




    These were some of my favorites! Especially these, these, and these (I also really love these)…….



    And then, of course, there were these bad boys…….


    **I was not compensated for this post. I am just a lover of fun eyewear, and wanted to share it with all of you. All opinions are my own**

  4. In My Life - Bring It, Sandy


    We had a busy weekend - Bowling with friends, exploring, a trip to Vizio Optic (more on that later), and multiple outfit shoots in preparation for bad weather this week. 

    And today, we are bunkering down and waiting for Hurricane Sandy to do her thing and leave us alone. Boo’s work was closed, so he’s home with me all day. Atleast that’s one upside to this storm :) Now let’s just hope she doesn’t do too much damage. Yikes!

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